For ages 10 years old and up

Choose a day and then pick  time - 

students are expected to commit to their scheduled date and time to avoid over-booking a time slot 

schedule changes may be accomodated with advanced notice

Regular business hours - $200 per person  

Once a week for 4 weeks - 60 minute lessons 

TUESDAYS to FRIDAYS  - 11:30am, 1:30pm or 3:30pm

Late Night - $225 per person 

Once a week for 4 weeks - 60 minute lessons


Students may opt to stay after their scheduled lesson time and practice on their own for an additional $25/hr.

Payment will be made in the studio for this option.

Your pieces should be thrown, trimmed, glazed and finished within your 4 week block of lessons.

Beginner pottery wheel students will work with our potter to learn the basics

  • Wedging the clay to prepare it for the wheel
  • Centering the clay on the pottery wheel
  • Opening up the clay and creating a floor
  • Pulling up the walls of the clay
  • Shaping your piece
  • Trimming your piece
  • Glazing your bisque piece

As students advance in their skill, more involved pottery techniques will be added to their learning

  • Adding handles
  • Making lids
  • Making  plates
  • Altered shapes

Clay, tools, glazes and firing are included in your tuition.

Students are responsible for cleaning the wheel and tools at the end of their lesson.

Just bring your creativity and eagerness to learn!

Our potter will first show you the steps involved in throwing a piece of clay on the wheel

Then the  potter will work with you to create your own special piece from the choices above

Our potter will then heat and dry your piece to prepare it to be painted with engobes (liquid clay) and during this time, you will have time to practice the wheel on your own

Your time spent in the studio is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours which includes

the time spent on the wheel wheel and the time spent painting  your piece

Pottery Wheel Experience

$48 per person

$42 per child - ages 8 to 12 years only


A sample of what it is like to throw clay on a pottery wheel

(PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A LESSON, it is experiencing the wheel with the help of our potter)

Each participant will have the option of making a small bowl, small vase or small plate with the help of our potter.

Your piece will be painted the same day using engobes - a colored liquid clay available in limited colors.

Once completely dry your piece will be bisque fired in our kiln.

Clear glaze will then be applied to your piece and it will be fired again in our kiln. This process ensures your piece is food safe.

Hand washing recommended.
Finished pieces will be available for you to pick up according to the date given you on your Pottery Pick-up card

or can be shipped to your address (shipping fees apply)

Optional Second Visit

Paint Your Piece With Glazes

Upgrade and Paint Your Piece With Glazes for only $10 more!

Should you decide to have your finished

Pottery Wheel Experience piece bisque fired instead of painting with engobes(liquid clay),

you can return to the studio for a second visit.

Once your piece is bisque fired, it is ready to accept glaze colors. 

Your second visit is spent painting your piece with our large selection of glaze colors.

It will then be fired once again in our kiln ensuring it is food safe. Handwashing recommended. 

Your finished piece will be ready to pick up according to the date given you on your Pottery Pick-Up Card

​Or can be shipped to you (shipping fee applies)

Email - theclaypotnj@gmail.com
Phone - 732-251-5112

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Have you ever wanted to experience throwing a piece of clay on a pottery wheel?

Our Pottery Wheel Experience is designed to do just that.

It is an inexpensive alternative to signing up for a full block of lessons.

The Pottery Wheel Experience is  a great way for families, friends, couples and groups to spend some time together!