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Studio Hours
Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

For ages 8 years old and older

Please call the studio (732)251-5112 to reserve your date and time

For ages 8 years old and older

Hand-building with Clay Lessons

Hand-building with Clay Experiences

Does your child enjoy playing with Play Dough?

Have they ever wanted to try their hands at sculpture?

At The Clay Pot we offer the option of hand-building with clay to create sculptured items.

Reservations  required

Our Hand-building with Clay Experiences give you a taste of what it is like to work with clay to create a small animal sculpture (you can choose one of the 5 items on display in the studio)

Our Hand-building lessons are for children who wish to become more involved and creative in their pieces!

 $130 per person for 4 weeks - 90 minute lesson per week

Lessons are scheduled once a week during regular business hours 

You can pick the day and time that works best for your schedule

Lessons may be rescheduled with a 24-hour cancellation notice 

Your handbuilt project should be  glazed and completed within your 4 week lesson time frame

Call us (732)251-5112 to schedule 

Beginner students will be taught:

  • To prepare the clay by proper wedging technique
  • Making slabs on our slab roller
  • Rolling coils of clay
  • Using the "slip and score" method of attaching pieces of clay together to build larger pieces​
  • Different ways to add texture to  your slabs
  • Creating and adding handles to your piece
  • Different glazing techniques for your finished piece

One-visit Hand-building Experience

$45 per person  during regular business hours 

$50 per person  After-Hours (5pm and later)

Hand-building with Clay

Reservations are required  due to Covid guidelines ​to adhere to social distancing  requirements

Your child will learn how to prepare the clay and form different shapes. They will learn to join these shapes using the "slip and score" technique and make one of the five hand-built items pictured.

In the one-visit experience your piece will be painted the same day using engobes (a special liquid clay available in limited colors). Your piece will then be allowed to dry and be fired in the kiln. It will be available to pick-up about one week after your visit to the studio.

In thetwo-visit experience you will create your piece during your first visit. The piece will then be allowed to dry and be fired in the kiln. Your bisque piece will be available to paint about a week after your first visit. Your second visit will be painting  your bisque piece with a large assortment of glaze colors. Your piece will then return to the kiln and be fired again. It will be available for you to pick-up about one week after your painting visit.


Upgrade to a Two-Visit Experience for only $10 more